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Detail for Canada Lacking ( sport trak map new purchase)


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I have just purchased a sport trak map gps . I live in Alberta Canada. The Database only gives me cities, apirports, waterways, parks , etc that are in the US !!!!!!!!. I would like to have more info about my area I am in the capital city with a pop. of 1.8 million. I figured the data would provide some basic info of the area.


I plan on travellinng to the east cost of Canada later this year and I find the detail to be even more lacking. WHAT Gives.

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Merasheen what you are seeing is a basemap that comes preloaded in your Sportrak Map GPSR. You may have to get Mapsend S & D Canada in order to download more detailed maps of your area. I'm not familiar with detail for your area so maybe another user can advise you on what, if any, street level is shown for Edmonton.

I have Garmins City Select for my GPS V and it does not acknowledge that anything exists north of Calgary.


Cheers, Olar


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I've recently acquired the same machine and found the basemap basically useless. Basically, it roughly tells you which continent your on and in my area, one major hwy. I really wish they'd of left it off to save memory space for downloaded maps.

I've downloaded a surprisingly big chunk of Vancouver Island area Mapsend Data and am very happy with the road data. It appears pretty accurate and up to date.

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