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Publish Logs (Tab: Geocaching.com API access) - GSAK gets stuck when clicking "Publish Logs"

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If this topic exists somewhere else notify me where it is and I will delete this topic.

I use GSAK now 12+ years!
Just recently, when I try to publish logs under the tab Geoacaching.com API access I get to see for a fraction of a second the pop-up window but then it disappears and the whole GSAK app gets stuck so that I can only start it up again by closing it first with Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

Just to confine my problem to what it really is:

1. I already updated the API token several times.
2. I already removed the app and reinstalled the latest freeware version 9.
3. Most important: OTHER API OPTIONS DO WORK (uploading caches, updating caches, ...).
4. I had the problem investigated by an IT specialist but he couldn't find any conflicts with possible other installed apps.
5. And yes my internet works, my PC is plugged in ...  :D

Has anyone encountered this problem as I have?


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