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Wrong date on the International GC Day souvenir on the website


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I found and logged a few caches on Saturday, 20th. This is about 9:30am NZ time, so could understand if the souvenir said it was earned on 19th Aug.
But instead the souvenir says, it was earned on 21st of August!
It shows correctly on the app, as 20th, so it must be a website specific bug to the IGC Day souvenir?

Because with those caches I also happened to unlock one of the Signal's Labyrinth souvenirs, and that shows correctly both on the website and the app.



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35 minutes ago, barefootjeff said:

Weird, because when I look at your profile on the website I see it showing the correct date but the Laryrinth one is showing the 19th:

What is your timezone set to? I have UTC+12

When I look at your profile, I also see 21st for you 

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5 minutes ago, ivss_xx said:

What is your timezone set to? I have UTC+12

When I look at your profile, I also see 21st for you 


My timezone is set to UTC+10 (eastern Australia) and on my profile I see the ICD one on the 20th (which I logged mid afternoon) and the two Labyrinth ones on the 7th of August and the 31st of July.




I wonder if something is wrapping around with your timezone and it's treating it as UTC-12 instead of UTC+12 in some calculations.

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I have a similar problem.  Yesterday afternoon I logged a cache, which gave me the "International Geocaching Day 2022" souvenir.  The website correctly shows that I got it on August 20.  A few minutes later I logged another cache, which gave me the "Signal’s Labyrinth: The cave" souvenir, but the date for it is August 21.


I'm in the Pacific time zone, UTC-7.  So are both of the caches that I logged.

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