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Release Notes (Geocaching® app: Friends features) - August 18, 2022

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With today’s release (app version 9.9.0), we are bringing more friends features to the Geocaching® app.


From your profile, you can now see

  • Your friends list - and access their profiles or the Message Center to chat with them.

  • All incoming friend requests - and accept or delete them.


Screenshot_20220812-134042_Geocaching.jpg Screenshot_20220812-134034_Geocaching.jpg



You can also access a QR code for others to scan. Scanning the QR code will open your profile in the app.



When viewing another player’s profile, you can

  • See if that player is already your friend.

  • Send a friend request to that player, or cancel a pending friend request.



Thank you to Premium members who opted into the friends features when they were available via the Experimental features menu. Your feedback was helpful as we were actively developing the features.


Nicole (nykkole), Product Manager, is watching this thread to answer questions whenever possible.


Any posts in this thread should relate to features in this release. Comments unrelated to the release may be removed. Please direct unrelated comments to other appropriate threads. Thanks!

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1 minute ago, Max and 99 said:

Any plans to make the Friends List sortable on the app? Or will it be automatically synced with the website sort preference?

Edit: It doesn't appear to be synced with my sort preference on the website.


No specific plans as of now, but with more people adding more friends this would certainly be a great addition to make it easier to find friends in the list.

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4 hours ago, Geocaching HQ said:

You can also access a QR code for others to scan.

It took me a few taps around my profile to finally find the QR Code.   It may be just that I have the top portion of my profile closed most of the time that it wasn't immediately obvious to me where the QR Code was located!  Once I opened that up (tapping my profile icon), I could see the link.


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34 minutes ago, Gill & Tony said:

Where can I find this QR code, please?  I've looked everywhere (except, probably, the place it is hiding) on both my profile and a friend's profile.


I am using the new profile, not the old one.

On both Android and ios, click on your profile icon/name at the top left of the screen. This should expand your profile to show the Code link.

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You need to first to your Profile page which is accessed via the left bottom nav Profile icon (#1 below). 
The part this is unfortunately not obvious is then, on that page, tap your icon in the top left of the profile page (#2 below). This should open up a section that shows a link to your code (#3 below):





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Hi! Having the iphone app and for me i can’t figure out sending a friend request to someone that I don’t have sent messeges with. 
Didn’t tought that was possible either but after a little test I realized clicking at a person’s image in a messenger thread took me to that persons profile page got me as well to the request friends button!

But, anyhow without messaging - I though I could only search and then go to this profile page that way? (Search members is only in the messages area as far as I can tell!?).


Yeah, 1 request I really should appreciate is:

See other friends ”found caches” just as their hidings are possible to view at the map and save them to a list.


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