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Team KFWB GPS, and old time geocaching

Solar Max

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Cachewidow - no, nothing to do with geocaching, That's why I apologized in advance - I guess I'd better see if there are any rules to what is kosher to do on here. I'll delete it within the hour in any case as everyone will have heard by then. Just something different to talk about. Nobody else I told it to had heard it yet so it seemed like very breaking news.

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I've paid my dues

Time after time

I've done my sentence

But committed no crime

And bad mistakes

I've made a few

I've had my share of sand

Kicked in my face

But I've come through


I've walked some long logging roads as well. (powerd by Zuuk)

but in the end LIFE IS GOOD!


Jan 10/03

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. . . Does anyone else think that maybe the sport has changed for the worse? Perhaps it's time for me to retire, if it's all about the money.


Goodness, please don't let money get in the way of a good sport. Your hobby/sport is what you make of it. Get back on your horse!


Happy. Hunting. burnout.gif

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I needed to post for a very good reason. Earlier in a now closed forum, I called a group of others the “greedy” twelve. This is not the case. They are no more greedy than anyone else. I apologize for this remark, and would remove it if I could.


What I say next is NOT a justification; I note it only so that others might understand where it might have come from.


I, and others, had been under an onslaught for three weeks or more, mostly from, but not exclusively from, the group I mentioned above. They had been having private conversations and emails, I presume, and had come back to the Forums to flame me, and a couple of others. When I extended an olive branch to these people via email, my fingers were burnt, or chopped off each time. I felt I had no recourse, and had nothing to lose by letting a few snide remarks escape.


I regret this remark, and am very sorry to have made it.


Now it’s time I paid the piper, and named some names.


Curious George had the guts to make an attempt at peace. Whatever he may think of me, I will always hold him in the highest regard, just because he tried.


Dagg and Daggette I have met previously. I believe that if they knew the grief that they had caused others, they never would have said some of the things they have. They are great people, and awesome cachers. If they feel that stirring up the pot is fun, then stir away. I am as good a target as any.


Cdms and fws I dedicated my first multicache to. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


Yellowcode, ah Yellowcode. I refuse to think that the person that posted to the forums was the person that I once knew. For those of you who do not know, Yellowcode heads an organization dedicated to helping others. I was once proud to be a very small part of that organization. If anyone reading this in the Greater Victoria area has even two hours a month to spare for some volunteer work, contact him. He’s great to work with, and he deserves better people than I near him.


Besides, he can flame me anytime. To answer his question, yes I will continue to geocache. I’m better at it than he is.


I do not know Banditt a Jrav, or jimmyjames. If it helps, they may make me the recipient of their wrath.


Eroyd I thought I knew but do not. I still think he’s a neat person. Maybe he’ll teach me how to get in a boat some time.


Foghorn spoke his mind. He is entitled to his opinion. I respect him for that. He told it like he felt it.


Ok, that about covers it. I will not post to these forums on this subject again. Is this the beginning of the lasting peace in our time, or will the envoy of peace be cut off at the knees? The choice is up to all of you.

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Forgive me for lying, and posting again. I ask that all of you go here, and give your opinons. Mine are already registered there. I have been advised that this Forum is not the best place for this. I agree, but it is important that we all have a say. Some people watch this Forum, however, so it seemed a good way to get people's attention.


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