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GeoWoodstock XVIII Cache Page Duplicate logs


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2 hours ago, Moun10Bike said:

Where are you seeing this (web site or app)? When I query the database, no account has more than 1 attended log.

I just looked on the app and saw more than one duplicate and stopped after that.

Edit: I actually found a bunch more!

However after reducing my font size and going back to the app to get some screenshots for you some of the duplicates have disappeared. This sounds exactly like that issue I had last year that finally someone confirmed!


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12 minutes ago, PhilatSea said:

I am using a windows 11 machine on Firefox by the way, so no Android problem for me.
Could the CO have gone in and removed them?


I suppose anything is possible, but that seems unlikely to me with the event just winding down - the CO is probably attending to other things right now. It's also unlikely that all of the reported multiple loggers would have deleted their duplicates all at once. Although I can't repro this on my Windows 11 machine (running Chrome), I'm guessing that there is some sort of temporary display artifact affecting the loading of the logs on the page when you looked before.

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I was wondering if maybe there was a loading issue because it was a giga event and had so many logs. So I went to check one of the geocaches that was showing double logs a year ago and guess what? It's still showing double logs, just like a whole bunch of others! Just an fyi. Same display issue as before.

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