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GPS 12

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I've borrowed a GPS 12 for the weekend from my husband's geography department at school. I've read the whole manual, and it is very good about explaining how to mark waypoints as you go for a hike and then get back to where you started. What I want to know is how to input a location and then get to it...Can anybody give me the quick and dirty on that? (The department head told my husband that it doesn't work too well..I'm wondering if he doesn't know how to use it either)

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Hi Capjap


I have a Gps12 and it's a good unit. The Garmin manual is lacking in some respects so the first thing I'll do is suggest you have a look at this site:




This is very well written and may explain things better for you.


To enter the coordinates of a point to which you want to go (called a waypoint in gps speak)on the GPS12 find the Main Menu screen by pressing the Page key. This will cycle you through the five main screens.


From the Main Menu screen select Waypoint (it's at the top of the list), then select New at the bottom of this screen. You should now have a WAYPOINT screen with blank lines for you to fill in the spaces. On the first line you can give a six character name to the waypoint and designate one of 16 sympols for the point.


The second and third lines are where you enter the coordinates (Latitude and Longitude). When your finished select Done at the bottom of the screen and that's it.


To navigate to this point use the Goto key then select the point you've just created from the list.


There are a couple of navigation screens to choose from which will tell you the distance and direction to the point.


Hope this helped


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The way the venture does it is you hold down the click stick until the mark waypoint screen comes up. Of course it is filled with your current data. You just edit it to make it the waypoint you want to go to, then click "Goto"


I know you have a different device but perhaps you can do something similar on yours.





Mobile Cache Command

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