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I don't recall the map distance being 50 miles, though I'm not saying it wasn't. I just don't recall. I do recall that "filter out finds" did NOT filter out owned.  Most of the hides near me are owned by me, easy for me to notice that.


I agree that the behavior has changed.

There are THREE links there

  • "near your home location"
  • "filter out finds"
  • the map icon. 


All used to go to a map search. 

"near your home.." was all caches on a map centered on home coords.     Now it goes to search, all caches 10 miles from home coords.

"filter out finds" was a map , with found caches filtered out, now it goes to Search, centered on home coords, owned filtered out, 10 mile limit.

The map icon went to a map of caches centered on home coords. it still does. I has no filters set, including no distance.  I don't recall if it ever had a distance.


I don't expect this to be changed back.  All the "old profile" links differing from "new profile" are apt to go away. Site can't really support both.

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