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Lost Geocachers


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GPSR's, laptop computer, navigational software, 3 people and a geocache that was either improperly entered into the geocache website or they copied the info incorrectly resulted in these three people getting completely lost in Strathcona Park last weekend. Campbell River Search and Rescue was called out to look for them at 11:30 Sunday night (June 15/03). They were located about noon Monday by a search team that was looking along a ridge at 1700m elevation. Cold, wet, tired, and very blistered feet all three were helicoptered off the mountain.


Anyone know what cache they were looking for?


Here is the news article:

Lost Geocachers


I want to die like my grandfather did, peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.


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The cache involved was a private competition type cache worth $5000 to the winners. It was e-mailed by the generous team to all the people they new might be interested and had been involved in many of their previous exciting, lucrative caches.

Do to confines placed on this team by geocaching.com they are no longer able to post such caches on this website.

It should be noted that this cache very clearly stated that it was not affiliated to geocaching.com

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Originally posted by Coupar-Angus:

Great, now we have extreme Geocaching. icon_razz.gif

Much as I like hiking into caches, I draw the line whe a tent is a piece of required equipment. icon_biggrin.gif


Ha ha - that's funny! I now draw the line when a tent is NOT required equipment! Along with a laptop, maps, all weather gear, BFL's, and possibly a rented Protege 5 so you can get sideways on some logging roads :-)

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