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Pocket Query of DNF logs made

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I was wondering if it is possible to make a PQ of all the caches with DNF logs that we wrote over the years. 

On my profile page on GC.Com I can select logs and then "didn't find it". this gives me 171 caches. somewhat like the "my finds" PQ I would like these 171 caches also in a PQ. 


The things I van fins is making a PQ with all the caches not found by me, but this is not what I want. I want specifically the caches where I have been and wrote a DNF log after not finding it. 

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This is not possible directly in the Pocket Query generator.  Workarounds:


  1. As you log each DNF, put the cache on a bookmark list.  You can run a pocket query on any bookmark list.
  2. As you log each DNF, put the cache on your watchlist.  You can check "is on my watchlist" within the Pocket Query generator.
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Hi Hans, 

I have copied the content to a list of my own. Thank you very much for this. Way, WAY faster than the manual option :-) . 

i have looked through GSAK for the screen you posted. but I cannot find it. I do have the last GSAK version still installed. is this menu an extra option or via a macro ? 


edit: never mind. I found the GetAllLogsForUser macro for GSAK. Thanks 

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