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make waypoints adventure lab visible in list of caches

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I want to make a trail of caches soon. For that purpose I created a list so I can easily see what the next point is.
There are also a number of adventure labs on the trail. Is there any way to add the locations of the questions from the adventure labs to the list of caches to visit?
At these adventure labs, the locations are far apart. It would be nice to see at a glance what the next point is.
The alternative is that of the adventure labs that qualify, I work everything out on paper. and then have to constantly keep an eye out for passing a point on an adventure lab along the way.

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GS can't do anything for you as they just forget to give ALs a mandatory ReferenceCode for the use in GPXes, Lists, etc.

Just create your own list with third party apps like GSAK or similar. Online tools like Project-GC might work as well.




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