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Look out Miramichi!

Mic or Mac
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Spring has sprung! icon_cool.gif

What a great day on the Miramichi! Took the dog for a walk and placed my first cache! (well if you don't count the first one that was denied icon_confused.gif)


Anyways I thought I'd give ya the heads up so here it is: icon_wink.gif


Black Fly N47 03.918 W 065 23.759

Should be up in a couple of days...If I don't get DENIED icon_mad.gif


Hope ya like it!


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If you have the time to run out Port Elgin way, I would highly recommend 'Bernie, the travelling geocache'...


If you're interested, but don't have the time to go get it, let me know - I could relocate it closer to town. It would be nice to get him moving again, and he doesn't seem to have attracted any attention from the island. icon_smile.gif

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Well looks like our little storm put my traveling plans on the back burner...for now. Looks like Friday now. I was hoping all this white stuff would be gone within the week the way it was going, then the plow came by and left about 3 feet in my driveway. Not impressed! icon_mad.gif

Still looking for my first cache find! Can't wait! icon_razz.gif

Anyways good luck Bernie!

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