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App version 9.8.0 crashes on start after updating to iOS 15.6

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iPhone 8
iOS 15.6
Geocaching App Version 9.8.0


This worked up to a couple of days ago.  Now there's a green screen on start for 20 seconds, and then it drops to the iPhone menu.




I tried resetting the phone, didn't help.

Next I tried uninstalling The App and using Cachly instead.  That fixed it.

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I had no luck with resetting, deleting then reinstalling nothing worked on my iphone with the newest update.  It does the same green screen then drops off.  It also shows the app link with a 1 like there is an update or something but my phone automatically updates my apps.  Very frustrating! I did start using cachly and I did have my Garmin Oregon with me as back up.  This is why us old dinosaurs did not get rid of our Garmin's when the option of using your phone supposedly made things easier.

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