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Latest App version crashes my Wherigo


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I'm getting getting reports the latest version of the Wherigo iOS app (Wherigo version version 1.5.6, iOS 15.6) causes my ReWind cardridge to crash. When running iOS 15.5 and Wherigo version 3.4.1 the cardridge runs fine.


The Wherigo is ReWind: https://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=1352a6a9-203b-4930-8724-bbed264114d4

 It's crashing when you ask for directions at the tower. This function involves Timers, Reading out the current GPS position,  getting Random values and passing functions as an argument in another function.


Did you change anything that may have caused these crashes? Is there anything I can do to prevent them?


p.s. It took me about an half year to discover the iOS version of Whergio does not support the use of recursion in the lua language. I hope I can solve this problem faster.



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To prevent other Wherigo programmers to waste a few months of their life:


The following code

	return string.format(
		'%s %02d %s%s%s  %s %03d %s%s%s', 
		lat.s, lat.d, string.sub(lat.m, 1,2), getText('sep_decimal'), string.sub(lat.m, 3,5),
		lng.s, lng.d, string.sub(lng.m, 1,2), getText('sep_decimal'), string.sub(lng.m, 3,5));

Runs without problem on Garmin, Android and old versions of the iOS app. For the new (1.5.6) version of the iOS app I had to change that code to:

	return lat.s..' '..string.format('%02d', lat.d)..' '..lat.m:sub(1,2)..getText('sep_decimal')..lat.m:sub(3,5)..
	 '  '..lng.s..' '..string.format('%03d', lng.d)..' '..lng.m:sub(1,2)..getText('sep_decimal')..lng.m:sub(3,5)

I don't know why the previous code does not work anymore maybe the string.format method has been limited in the maximum number of arguments????


Anyway I that [expletive deleted] Wherigo isn't Black Magic, it's certainly very very very dark gray.



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