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Geocaching Conference in Ontario


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Hi John (Baston). Are we still good to go for the meeting this Saturday morning?


Geoconference 2003 planning meeting.


When: Sat., Jan. 11, 2003


Where: Mayfield S.S., 5000 Mayfield Road, Brampton. Intersection of Mayfield Road and Bramalea Road.


Time: 10:00am till Noon (That way the afternoon is free for caching.)


This will be a planning meeting for a Geo Conference in the summer of 2003.


Please let me know if you plan on being there.






Anyone else out there planning on attending?


Cheers, Olar


"You are only young once but you can stay immature forever"

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Five Cachers met this morning and carved out a plan for an event in June. Keep your eyes open for an event cache listing to come out very soon.

We hope to attract as many cachers as possible with the main theme being "FUN".

Details will be explained in the cache page listing and obviously discussed in this forum.


See you there, Olar for Baston, TrimblesTrek, Flick and Tomtec


"You are only young once but you can stay immature forever"

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Originally posted by gm100guy:

What happen to this event?


Not sure what happened with Baston's event.


I'm preparing the details now for GAGAFAP 2 (soon to be renamed SOGAFAP 2) Just booking the picnic shelters and whatnot. It'll be posted as an event as soon as I've finalized a few details. Hoping for at least double the number of attendees from last year. This event will take place in late September/early October so the summer is still available if anybody else wants to set something up.






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