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Wishlist of features for the official app

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After using the app every single day for 3+ years in a row, here's an actual wish list of features that I think would make the official app better. I'm willing to expand on any of these if that would be helpful.


  • Change the search to a single field available directly on the map screen.
  • Allow adding solved coordinates for all cache types where the final location may not be the same as posted location.
  • Sync user waypoints to website and to third parties via API.
  • Allow pasting user waypoints or solved coordinates as whole coordinates.
  • Create a usable workflow to read cache description and make notes at the same time. E.g. when inserting values found in the field to a multi waypoint formula, or writing an answer to earth cache question.
  • Allow adding more than 1 image file in a log.
  • Add option to show found caches at solved coordinates.
  • Show my own log(s) in the Log view Friends tab.
  • Add option to show a .1 mile circle around caches. (on non-trads, only show if solved coordinates are present and caches are set to show at solved coordinates)
  • Add a better map source, e.g. OSM cycle maps. Current street map doesn't show trails, and the current trail map doesn't zoom in close enough.
  • Allow adding custom online map source(s).
  • Allow adding custom offline map source(s).
  • New cache notifications based on my current location. This could also be implemented as an option for the new widget. The currently shown "nearest unfound" are often unfound for a reason.
  • Only show help alerts for new accounts, not new app installs
  • GPX import of cache data (with optional update solved coordinates)
  • Make more efforts to keep the app on while in background. (e.g. opening the camera on iPhone Xs almost always makes Geocaching app shut down)
  • See if anything can be done to make Google Maps navigation more reliable. The data currently sent to Google Maps generates a correct route, but anything that forces Google Maps to recalculate the route causes it to change the endpoint to wherever it thinks the nearest city centre is.
  • GPX import of other waypoints and lines (e.g. display a route created in Strava/Komoot/RideWithGPS/Garmin Connect/etc. in Geocaching app along with online cache data)
  • Calculate projection and set the result as solved coordinates (this is supposed to be a gps feature and projection calculations regularly "break" multi cache guidelines for phone users)


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The biggest thing I wish for/need right now on the app is the ability to go straight to the message center for a user when I receive a notification. For example, if I get a DNF on my cache, if I click on the user name, it just takes me to the app map. I have to click on the cache name in the email, go to Activity, and from there click on the user name.

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