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This is just a question I have and not a problem. When you click on a cache in the app and roll down to the bottom you can click on the waypoints option. Then after clicking on the waypoint, whether it be existing or corrected, you see 4 icons. An arrow, a checkmark in a circle, an edit symbol and a delete symbol. I know what all the icons do except the checkmark inside the circle. Can someone tell me what that is used for? It's probably something simple but haven't yet figured it out.

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I have been wondering the same thing for ages.  I've tried it (many times), and haven't found any noticeable difference when the checkmark is selected/deselected.  I thought maybe it toggled the icon from the map (as Max and 99 suggested), but that isn't the case -- when navigating, all waypoints are always shown as far as I can tell.  So the mystery remains.  I'd love to know the answer, at least to satisfy my curiosity.  Or perhaps it'll turn out to be a really useful feature that'll help while geocaching if I only knew how it worked.  (I'm using the Android version of the app, FWIW.)



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If I'm doing a multi cache with visible waypoints it's nice to see on the map which ones I have already completed. There's one local that has multiple waypoints all over a parking lot, so it's really nice to have that check mark icon show me I've already been to that waypoint, and which ones I still need to visit.

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