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Tick & Nammie

Seeking but never hiding

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In order for this sport to be long lived, those that seek should also hide. I personally find it frustrating when I see people geocaching for over one year and have still not hidden one!


One policy I heard was to hide one cache for every 10 finds. Sounds like not too much to ask; however, if you look at the stats it isn't even close.


What do you all think?


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I agree, a friend of mine who caches told me about the 'Find 10, Hide 1' rule of thumb and both his family and mine have taken that to heart. One thing to keep in mind though, is that you should find a few before you decide to hide some. I have found that in a few cases, the cachers that hide something after only one or two finds misses the mark without the experience of seeing how really good cachers find areas to hide caches in or develop really good multi caches.

Another thing to consider too is that any caches you hide you must maintain. And with the weather we have up here, that will be a real job.

You should also consider archiving caches to move them from an area so that the area can recover and so there is still a challenge to find it. I have been on a few caches where once you got close it was very obvious where it was.


But getting back to the subject, yes more of us should be hiding caches. It is nice to see that here on Vancouver Island, that seems to be the case.


We live on a rock, ergo we rockcrawl.......

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