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Southern Ontario bombs for number of caches ...


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I only started geocaching this past christmas and before I left Ontario (Windsor, Ontario to be exact), I planted my own cache.


Me and my dad picked up every single cache we could find and we only found three, not three finds, three caches for all of southern ontario TOTAL. It appeared I would have to get above Sarnia before I saw anything else and even then the caches were few.


I guess this is more of a whining post but I am hoping more caches are placed to spur on more interest.


Thats it ! Enjoy !!

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I think BCguy is referring to southwest of London which is definately very shy on caches. I lived in Windsor for 6 years and discovered that folks down that way know squat about the CFL, Leafs, 5-pin bowling, long Winters, traffic jams (except at Tunnel to Detroit), Buffalo style chicken wings, GM or Ford vehicles, etc., etc.

Obviously they have not heard of Geocaching or for that matter GPS. Navigation there is looking for the Detroit downtown skyline and you have North (figure that one out).

All kidding aside, we loved it there and feel kind of sad that the fine folks are missing out on the fun of Geocaching.


Go Spitfires, Tigers, Lions, Pistons.




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I checked the number of caches within 100 miles radius:


BCguy in Vancouver 613

BCguy in "Southern Ontario" 550

Trimbles Trek in Guelph 489

Me in the Sarnia area 419


Not clear to me that the differences are statistically significant. Yes we're close to the border in this part of Ontario but crossing the border with a GPS isn't that big a deal and yes the local Ontarians are a bit slow catching on to the delights of geocaching. But this area has seen a 500% increase in the number of caches since I started 4 months ago (admittedly a few are mine icon_wink.gif). And it's as much fun planting caches as it is finding them - just wish a few more local geocachers felt the same way icon_razz.gif!


Just to put it all in perspective, the first Geocache in Canada was planted only 2.5 years ago and it wasn't in BC or Ontario but in Nova Scotia and it's called, quite simply, "Geocache"

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If you think Southern Ontario is bad, try Northern New Brunswick. When we go home we have to drive 100Km to find a cache now, there is only 41 in 100mile raduis and only one active cacher in the area whom is getting discouraged. His caches are excellent but there are very few that go out and finds them. Try postal code E3N 1W2 for Campbellton.




Car37 & Shnde

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I think there are a lot of people replying here that dont know what I mean by "southern ontario".


I am not talking Guelph or Toronto. Think south of that, hence southern ontario.


I mentioned in my post that it wasent until I could get ABOVE (north of) sarnia that I would find any caches.


Here is the list, including the cache I setup.


1. "CCCA" by Team Obsession

2. "MDS Cache" by Goat6500

3. "Anishinaabe Quercus" by Don and Erin

4. "3%" by bapper2

5. "Ghost Train 2003" by BCGuy


Thats it for lower southern ontario.


I was just kind of suprised, this is a challenge for all geocachers in that area. Instead of traveling far to get caches start planting ones around you.


Next time I go back to Windsor for a visit I will have to plant a few more caches.


One poster was right in noting that Windsor is no better then an extension of the U.S., sad but true.


Thats it ! Enjoy !!

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I think part of the problem here is the defininition, if as the BCguy is using it as only the Sarnia Windsor, then there may well be very few caches (why may be a question of demographics in those area's) But for most of us in Ontario southern ontario reaches atleast to the KW-Cambridge, Guelph area and along the both Lake Huron and Erie. I have also seen more official definitions that include everything from Barrie southward including the Bruce Peninsula.


Just my 2 cents (canadian cents that is)

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Originally posted by Hespeler Fuel Company:

Just relized that the grammer in the last message was horrible. Sorry folks, it has been a very long day.


Hopefully you will get my meaning I think there is a message in there somewhere???


know probleme!


Good point about definition of southern ontario... the province goes a long way north... From an Ontario tourist sort of perspective, Central Ontario starts around Barrie, ergo, the area south of that is Southern Ontario and indeed does include KW (lot's there and a very active community of cachers) Toronto ('nuff said) and the Pickering to Oshawa region (very many active cachers). Windsor and area can't really be considered as the whole of southern ontario now can it... only a small part of it... but it obviously needs some more caches planted!




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Try 64 caches in 100 miles as the Crow flys in central BC(Okanagan) usually half again the distance added to go around Mountains, and about a third are in Washinton. Slowly but surely the # is creeping up as new people start into the game. My wife gets upset when I take the car up logging roads but is starting to get the bug to so I may be able to get the ones farther out soon.



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I just got back from Wallaceburg, Ontario. I spent the whole time I was there wishing for my GPSr. On the last day, during the recent snowstorm, it turned out that one of the folks I was working with had a Legend and was using it for routing work. He had never heard of geocaching and thought I was nuts. Unfortunately, before I could convert him, I had to head back to Detroit. So I never did manage to find a cache in Canada. I DID look at the area, and while it DOES have a ton of caches within 100 miles, very few were near Wallaceburg (S of Sarnia). I am going to get a GPSr I can use while traveling so I am not stuck in this bind again. icon_smile.gif I would've loved to find the few in the area. Keep Caching, and Converting and the area will fill right up. Good Luck, it was such a neat area I hope to go back when it isn't winter!



Where am I going? I ain't certain.

When will I get there? I don't know.

All as I know is I am on my way!

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There are not a lot of caches in Southern Ontario simply because , THEY WONT APPROVE them . We have made a couple of attempts at placing caches In the Windsor area and totally denied in both cases , Granted one was a Virtual which I think if anyone bother to look is sorely lacking in the area , and the most recent is a mystery cache .. if anyone cares to have a look at this one you can find it here : http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=91817

I think we will have to stick to placing them in our other home its in the US in the State of Indiana , they seem much more receptive of this sport.

But then again perhaps this is a statement of pure frustration , as there are many great places around and in the city of Windsor . But to be constantly denied .... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Star of Team Tigger International

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Hi, you did not email me directly with your concerns, as I denied your cache. The cache page you quoted cannot be seen by anyone else, you have to post the details of unapproved caches here, the link is no good until the cache has been approved. I found 2 problems with your submission, the first, you are from out of town, Indiana as you stated here. With no indication on how your cache will be maintained, I cannot approved vacation caches. The second not mentioned here is your submission was for a traveling cache, which is not permitted at this time. Please email me directly at cache-tech@geocachingadmin.com and we can further discuss your submission if you would like. Thanks.



Eastern Canada Admin

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Hi, caches that were approved before do not set a precedent for other caches. Those caches may have been grandfathered in, as this one was placed a over a year ago. I follow the guidelines set out here, http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx


Cache Permanence


As the Frequently Asked Questions indicate, geocaches can be hidden in a location for a finite period of time, depending on the environment and the decision of the cache owner.


However, when you report a cache on the web site, geocachers should (and will) expect the cache to be there for a realistic and extended period of time. Therefore, caches that have the goal to move, or temporary caches (ex: Caches hidden for events) will not be approved. If you wish to hide caches for an event, bring printouts to the event and hand them out there.



For further discussion, please contact me directly.



Eastern Canada Admin

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You know you’re a from Southern Ontario when…


? McDonald’s takes reservations

? You don’t bother designing Halloween costumes for your kids because its too dangerous to go Trick-or-Treating

? The toxic atmosphere keeps most pest, like mosquistoes, from completing their life cycle.

? You can’t tell the difference between a man and woman, unless you can see their ear rings.

? Most of the miles on your car have been done at +130km/h or below 10 km/h

? Most of your life experiences have happened while commuting.

? You have 10 favourite receipes for Quiche.

? A one hour commute is considered “not bad”.

? Your house has a mortgage larger then the debt of some Third World Countries

? You think a Snow Float is a treat served at Dairy Queen.

? A drive through Algonquin Park is considered a Wilderness Experience.

? You head north to see trees.

? Your neighbor across the street has a different MP.

? You think a Snow Blower is a Slavic Prostitute.

? Black Bears are cuddly animals that would make a fine pet, just like Gentle Ben.

? Major surgery can be done on an “Out Patient” basis.

? You get sore watching the “Outdoor Life Network”.

? You think the Sun’s red colour is natural.

? Barrie is in Northern Ontario.

? The language, your immigrant neighbor speaks, has no word for SNOW.


Every hour spent Geocaching is added to the end of your life.

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For balance, here's the otherside of the Story;


You know you're from Northern Ontario when...


* you only own three spices - salt, pepper and ketchup

* you design your Halloween costumes to fit over snow suits

* the mosquitoes have landing lights

* the men are men, and so are the women

* you have more miles on your snowblower than your car

* you have 10 favourite recipes for moose meat

* you thought "Grumpy Old Men" was a documentary

* Canadian Tire on any Saturday is busier than the toy stores at Christmas

* you live in a house that has no front steps, yet the door is one metre above ground

* you've taken your kids trick -or -treating in a blizzard

* driving is better in the winter because the potholes get filled with snow

* you think everyone from the city has an accent

* you think sexy lingerie is tube socks and a flannel nightie with only 8 buttons

* you owe more money on your snowmobile than your car

* the local paper covers national and international headlines on l/4 page, but requires 6 pages for sports

* at least twice a year, the kitchen doubles as a meat processing plant

* the most effective mosquito repellent is a shotgun

* your snowblower gets stuck on the roof

* you think the start of moose season is a national holiday

* you head south to go to your cottage

* you frequently clean grease off your barbecue so the bears won't prowl on your deck

* you know which leaves make good toilet paper

* the mayor greets you on the street by your first name

* there is only one shopping plaza in town

* the municipality buys a zamboni before a bus

* the major parish fundraiser isn't bingo - its sausage making

* you find -40C a might chilly

* the trunk of your car doubles as a deep freezer

* you attended a formal event in your best clothes, your finest jewelry and your Sorels

* you know the 4 seasons: Winter, Still Winter, Not Winter and Almost Winter

* you can play road hockey on skates

* you can tell the difference between a chipmunk and a squirrel from 300 yards away

* shoveling the driveway constitutes a great upper body workout


Every hour spent Geocaching is added to the end of your life.

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The new maps show Canada as a great big blob of grey space but at least they let you see the distribution of caches in an area. Now that they zoom out to 150 miles you can get a good view of where the caches are in Southern Ontario.


The Golden Horseshoe is well endowed with caches but there's a lot of grey space in the Central (Mount Forest?) and South Western (Chatham?) areas. A challenge for any cachers in those areas to fill in the blanks.


BTW the new Mappoint maps look much better than Mapquest and you can have fun plotting routes to caches. Look just like S&T which is maybe not too surprising.


"If you don't know where you are going, then it doesn't much matter where you are." - Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking Glass

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One of the big problems I've noticed around Essex County is that we're kind of limited in where we can place caches. Most of the conservation areas aren't that big, so we risk over saturation. The city parks tend to be open spaces with little cover, and the majority of the land is either urban or farmland. With the current ban on virtuals, we're having to get 'more creative' with our placements. Hopefully things will get better once we get more active cachers in the area.



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