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Garmin eTrex 10, pocket queries not showing on GPS

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I downloaded a pocket query as a GPX file, stored it on the appropriate folder on my eTrex 10. But when I choose "View Geocaches" it says no results found.


To make matters weirder, the old GPX files I deleted are still showing as geocaches if I scroll around the map.


Any ideas?

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PQ's download as a zip file. You have to double click it to extract the GPX file.

If you are using a Mac, be sure to empty the trash before disconnecting your eTrex. That will ensure the old GPX files are actually deleted.
The eTrex 10 has some file limitations put on it, able to display only 2000 geocaches, so make sure you aren't loading more than that. Check the geocache filters to make sure they aren't set in a way that will hide all geocaches. And finally, if the PQ is of any significant distance from your current location, they may not appear in the list.

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