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Propose new Geocache or Treasure chest (opened & closed states) Emojis to the Unicode Consortium?


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Hi everyone!


I have been wondering if there is any universally available treasure chest, or ammocan, or even specifically a geocache container Emoji.

Even more, do they have a matching pair opened AND closed state Emojis?

So far, DNF. :(


SOOOO, if not exist, why not propose a new treasure chest (open and closed) Emoji to the Unicode Consortium?

And if the first to propose, should get to say what it should look like, right?

Anyone at GCHQ with design skills want to make this happen? ;):bad:


Guidelines for Submitting Unicode® Emoji Proposals


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Just now, cerberus1 said:

You mean like This ?    Hopefully you aren't confusing/frustrating people thinking there's treasure in geocaches...   :)


Well, close, but unfortunately this is NOT within the approved Unicode character library, yet.

Yes, but still have to propose to the Unicode Consortium, have it pass the selection, and then its  officially added to the Unicode characters, to become available to everyone to use.


Confusing/frustrating people thinking there's treasure in geocaches? What are you talking about? :lostsignal:

Everybody know this: Geocaches ARE treasures! :D

Silly... :antenna:

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A specific "GEOCACHE CONTAINER" emoji sounds unlikely. An "AMMO CAN" emoji is possible but it might not occur for being military/weapons related (there is a "pistol" emoji, but all major platforms have chosen to render it as a watergun instead. Then again there is also BOMB, SWORD... I don't know.)


However I can imagine a "TREASURE CHEST" emoji; perhaps it is formed by zero-width joining an "EMPTY TREASURE CHEST" with the existing "COIN" (U+1FA99) emoji?

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28 minutes ago, Hügh said:

However I can imagine a "TREASURE CHEST" emoji; perhaps it is formed by zero-width joining an "EMPTY TREASURE CHEST" with the existing "COIN" (U+1FA99) emoji?


If you can also imagine it, that's a great starting point!


Treasure chest Emoji, anyone?

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16 hours ago, K13 said:

Not for me.  I didn't like it with an older Garmin GPSr, and don't like it now. I like the smiley.


Too bad for you, yet Thanks for your thoughts.

And too bad for Garmin for not fixing and updating the system entirely to become level with the modern Unicode character system.

Don't get me wrong, as use my trusty Garmin Oregon 750t all the time, every day, even when not geocaching. It is my driving navigator as well. Way better than my iPhone, and works without cellphone service. No thought of only using my iPhone.

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More and more new Emojis are introduced and made official in Unicode.

Geocaching HQ, why not introduce an official geocaching icon into Unicode, a Unfound (Closed) and Found (Opened) treasure chest, as you already have been shifting away from your geocaching original emojis within the logs to the Unicode Smilies emojis?

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