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How Cool is This ?!!?!

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Hey Everyone.


How cool is this ? On September 24th, 2002 I released the The Good Professor Travel Bug in Brooklin Ontario with the goal to go to the Snow Mountain Cache in China. Today the good professor arrived at his destination. Over 11,000 miles. I just cannot believe it.


Now granted, when the professor arrived a the snow mountain cache it was no longer there and the good cacher carrying him ooga booga actually created a new cache to leave the TB there. When you read the log at the cache it just breaks my heart that Booga lost his camera.


Just goes to show you, never give up on your bug, you just never know when it will get to where it is going. And to Ooga Booga, you will always have my eternal gratitude for all the great help you have given.


Thanks for a once in a life time experience



Your not first...But you could be next.

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HEY DR: That's unbelieveable... great news and well done to ooga booga who deserves a special round of applause... CHINA!!!! Wow!


"Either that wallpaper goes or I do!"

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icon_eek.gificon_smile.gifSOOOOO COOOOOL!!!! icon_eek.gificon_cool.gif


We are thrilled to hear about the success of this travel bug and to hear about the determination of a fellow cacher. We are considering placing our first travel bug - it is good to know that some bugs make it to their destinations. Hopefully we can come up with a goal for our bug and that its journey is just as successful!


Kudos to Ooga Booga!!! icon_smile.gificon_biggrin.gificon_cool.gif

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