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What are the rules???

Curious George
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Recently a number of caches in our geographic area (West Coast) have not been approved by Admin. There have been various "approvers" involved and a number of the reasons given for rejecting caches are NOT listed anywhere under the guidelines - so hear are several questions:


how many "approvers" are there?

do they have a set of criteria that the rest of us don't know about?

are these rules open to interpretation - it seems that some caches would be approved by one person and not another

will the rules of the game be updated to keep up with a rapidly growing and changing sport?

are any other areas experiencing a moving target with repsect to cache approval


I'd be interested in some constructive dialogue around these questions - I'm also cross-posting to the General Forum.


I love the smell of tupperware in the morning...it smells like victory

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