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Links to logs from trackable gallery.


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I am a very detailed trackable mover. I take tons of photos of trackables so you can see where your trackable has been so it takes months for me to upload all of my photos to Geocaching and Facebook. Here is my suggestion.


On a cache page's gallery there is a link to take you to the log the photo corresponds to. See this example 01.png.


However, on trackable page's gallery this link is missing. I often post links to drone footage in my logs for trackables, but there is no easy way to find out which cache that was or where the footage is. See example 02.png.


Really the only way to find this footage is to go to the trackable map and scroll down until you see logs where I have added text to them. 


Is it possible to get the trackable gallery images to have that "View Log" option as well? I think it would be nice for viewing which cache location a trackable photo was posted to for those wanting to see where their trackables have been. Thank you. 



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On 7/9/2022 at 2:39 PM, Max and 99 said:

I think this forum discussion is related to what you describe:





Yes, Max, it's discussed in that thread from two years ago, but the question was never answered, and it's a good one.


If I look at the gallery on a TB page, and see a photo about which I want more information or context, or see who shot it, I have to go back out to the log list and slide down until I find a log with a photo on the date listed on the gallery photo. It should be easier than that. If it's a TB with a long history and a lot of photos, ...

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