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Helping a new cacher and cache hider

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A new cacher placed a cache but the coordinates listed are about 7 miles from where his description and a log entry he made indicate the cache is placed. I do believe the problem lies in entering wrong numerals  in the coordinates, on set reads N39° 59.537, that is too far north, using 54 puts it near where he states it. What other number is off I do not know.


I sent email offering help, but am wondering if NM may be a way to go. I do not want t him to get flustered or discouraged , we were all there at one time or other, he has three finds and this hide. 

And from what he sent in an email there may be someone else with him in the project. It is not really that old, placed 6/25, .


I wrote a note log explaining the situation and see it is listed as "maintenance suggested" so I guess my question is now moot! 


The crazy t part of the whole cache is there was another cache hiding a cache is the same general area and he had problems with getting good coordinates, maybe it is the area. 

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I was FTF and LTF on two caches by the same owner.  The second one just didn't look right on the map.  He had hidden a few caches the same day, but they were almost a mile away.  A few other cachers noted that that did not look like a place to hide a cache.  I contemplated the posibility of another mistyped coord.  Hmm...  If I change the west minutes to 27 instead of 28, that looks probable!  On a trail, and not far from his other caches.  And there it was! Found it.  I did mention this train of thought in my log.  Too far for him to change the coords, and in a WMA, where caches are not permitted.  FTF!  LTF!!  Yes.  Mistyping coords does happen.

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16 hours ago, Harry Dolphin said:

I was FTF and LTF on two caches

 - snip - 

Yes.  Mistyping coords does happen.


I was first and last to find a cache once.   Around 200+ miles off, but at least in my state.  

The cache name was my clue, only one in the state, and fly fished there for years.

Just happened to notice it when we used to have new caches in the regional forums.

After finding, it turned out to be on NPS property, and had to be archived anyway.

 - So on top of incorrect coordinates, lack of permission did him in as well.   :)

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Conversing with the CO, or one of them it seems, I was informed pretty much where it was, I went located it and entered the new coords in the cache logs. They plot well on the map. I am waiting for it to be enabled to sign the log. Notified the CO and hope he follows the path to restoration.

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This evening, I updated the coordinates using Jayeffel's measurements.  They were more than 6 miles away.  Jayeffel was very helpful to the new cache owner, and this is perhaps the most well-deserved FTF I've seen in awhile!


Normally I catch things like this prior to publication.  But here, the correct location was along a creek, and the incorrect location was also near a creek, in a wooded area.  The area was not marked on the maps as being off-limits military property.

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