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Magellan Meridian Gold Rebate offer?

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I bought a Magellan Meridian Gold in July and saw that there was a $50 rebate cupon inside. I carefully followed the instructions and included everything that had to be included. I triple checked this before I sent it out. Now Magellan has refused my rebate saying the UPC code was not supplied. I know it was supplied.


Has anyone else had this problem or anyone actually received the rebate????

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I sent in the earlier $75 rebate and they denied it saying it was outside the valid dates. I emailed back saying it was within the dates and it became valid. So contact them and see what they say. I hope you kept a copy of everything you sent it, these rebates barons have a bad habit of loosing things and requiring extra copies of stuff to prove its valid.

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I second what ertyu said. I bought a Garmin Legend and mailed off the $50 US rebate coupon. My hubby is a rebate veteran, and said to make a copy of everything. I did. I mailed it in May and to this day, have still not seen my rebate. I did however, e-mail Garmin. I told them that I did everything right, that 3 fellow geocachers have theirs already, that I would hate to see me say anything bad about Garmin to the geocaching community, and oh yeah, I have a photocpoy of everything to prove it. They replied that my rebate was already in the mail. I'm looking forward to seeing the postmark!


E-mail Magellan. You have nothing to lose. Good luck! icon_smile.gif


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I had the exact same problem. I think they are using a less-than-reputable rebate company (wheresmyrebate.com) because when I contacted Magellan, they had a designated manager to handle these complaints. She sounded exasperated, but was helpful and got my rebate processed promptly. The cheque was mailed then next day! icon_smile.gif

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After waiting since march, sendind my stuff in twice I got it yesterday.If your having problems call the toll free number on rebate form, they will give you another adress to send it to,,,, and will even take photo copies this time,,,, I had to get my upc photo copied at canadian tire as i had already sent the original and didn' think to save a copy of it.

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After not getting my rebate in over 3 months, I tried calling the 1-800 #, they supplied but could never get a person. So I sent an email to one of the contacts on the magellan web site and that seemed to work and I got it a couple weeks later...But it was for $50 US and they sent me $50 CDN...so it took about another month to get the rest. I have heard a lot of people had problems getting their rebates from Magellen, as they use some place called Where's My Rebate.com.




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Well I finally got a rebate after several months of waiting but it was US$50 not the $75 I was expecting for the Meri Gold SE (50 for the GPS + 25 for Mapsend S&D Canada. Has anyone managed to get the 75 for the SE package? Did it come in one cheque or two?


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