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Downloaded GWC doesn't work, while compiling the same GWZ does


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I have a problem I have no idea how to solve. I developed a Wherigo using Urwigo.


If I use the builder in Wherigo.com to compile the GWZ (for Pocket PC) the GWC works perfectly in my android phone.


However if I upload the GWZ to the Wherigo page and download the GWC (for Pocket PC) it doesn't work well. I don't receive any error at any moment but the cartridge doesn't work as expected.


Any idea about?

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I guess it could be useful to identify what isn't working as expected. Is it an image not showing, an event not triggered, an user function acting differently, maybe an action missing?


It is not officially documented, but it seems that there is a couple of reserved keywords the official compilator doesn't like and therefore you shouldn't use to name your variables, for example.

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