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Someone doesn't like cachers

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Apparently, someone became wise to the fact there used to be a magnetic here, and they don't like it. Someone just sent this pic to me. I guess it is possible that the cache could have been causing some kind of disruption or increased traffic in an area where someone's business or home was or something? And maybe they got tired of it? I don't know the back story. I've been told this cache was located in Mansfield, Ohio. I am not sure when the photo was taken. Just thought I would share.


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On 6/28/2022 at 11:28 AM, Keystone said:

This image is several years old and has made the rounds on various social media platforms several times.


The backlash here underscores the importance of getting permission for cache placements and not relying on the argument that "the guardrail / lamp post / traffic sign is within the public right-of-way."  Would you like it if someone placed a geocache on the guardrail next to your grandmother's property, making her nervous as she looks out the window at the random examples of people stopping, looking around and leaving every week or two?


This is also why Geocaching HQ will typically archive a cache if it receives a complaint from a neighboring landowner - even if the complainant does not own the property where the cache is placed.  It's just not worth it to tolerate the risk of future visitors being confronted by that angry neighbor.

Oh, ok. I wasn't sure about this. The person who sent it to me acted like it was something that just happened. Thank you for the info. And I agree with you 100%. 

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