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Geomagnetic storm!

Algonquin Bound

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Apparently there is a Geomagnetic storm heading our way today, from the sun. Scientists are calling it "the Perfect Storm" and it will cause terrific interference for such things as cell phones, and more importantly for us, will wreak havoc on satellite signals. Be prepared for a rough day for caching. For more info, check SpaceWeather.com



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I don't know if this is related or not but I was out caching yesterday and while still in the car driving all the sats disappeared except # 13 !!!!


I tried reiniting my GPS etc but nothing helped. I was about to give up and go home when suddenly I sats started popping up and I got signal again!


Start of disturbance was around 13:30 EDT and ended about 45 min later.



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While hunting one cache on Saturday afternoon, probably about 4pm, every time the gps told me I was within 10 metres of the cache, it suddenly jumped to telling me I was 120metres away, and in the other direction. I gave up after about the 5th attempt.



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We had some problems around 12noonon Saturday on the first cache we did just north of Burlington...we were walking along a trail completely in the open with no tree cover, and for about 10 minutes the GPS kept jumping from being about 600m from the cache (and less as we were approaching), to going to about 60km (putting us in Orangeville...NOT) fromt he cache...this happened several times during about a 10 minutes period...but the rest of the day was fin then. Similar things happened to me back in the spring last year too, which was the only other time I experienced this strange behaviour...hmmm, reminds me of the Movie The Core which I watched on Friday.

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