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Is there a way to see all your sad faces?


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I'm not a premium member right now but I like to go back for DNF redemptions now and then. For example I just went back this morning to claim three smiles from former DNFs after the cache owner let me know that they had replaced them. If I were to be a premium member would I be able to see a list of all my sad faces? Or would there be a way to create them next time I have a DNF like add it to a DNF list so I can easily find them again later? Some caches I couldn't get because they needed tools, some were actually missing and could be replaced, and some I just didn't have enough time to find after looking for them for a little while but they're there because other people found them.

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As a Basic Member, RuideAlmeida's link will work.  You can get to it from your dashboard


on the left side, under Geocaches  click  logs, this page limits to 30 days


at the top of that page click All Logs:


and from there click log type



And now you can add those caches to Watch list.  If one is shown with title in Red Strike through, it's archived, no point in watching it.  Try to remember to remove them from Watch as you find them.

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