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Event Icon Hidden Behind Other Icons on Map - Can Programming be done so that Event Icons are on Top?

The Flying Dutchmen

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If you have an event at a place where there are, for example, a traditional or a WP1 for a traditional, your Red Event Icon will not be visible. It will be displayed behind any other nearby icons. So if you look at the map you may not see it until you zoom in far enough, even then you may not see the icon.  Yes, you can search for events, and the event calendar is shown as well, etc. but if you are far away from your home location you just peek at maps to get a quick indication. This is about looking at the map in a general area and take a quick peek if there is an event. There are plenty cachers that do not notice these "hidden" events but would have liked to attend.


Is there a way to prioritize the display so that events are always displayed "on top"?

Where is the Event?.png

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Why? There are SOOOO many people who never attend events. They would be way more interested in the caches. Beside that, it's usually the (sorry!) stupid event owners, who simply aren't able to just place their header coords slightly off, so the event icon easily could be seen ;-)

Besides that: Filter! Or PQ... Do one showing just not yet logged events and there you go. You see all the upcoming events. Easy :-)

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