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Am I the only one?

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You see, what you have to do is this: Go to the nearest dollar store and buy a big bag of gumballs, as you walk down the trail, drop a gumball at regular intervals! It will solve you the hassle of getting lost and you can even eat them all on the way back!! Better than using that darn "bread crumb" tracking thing on your GPS!! And tastier too!!

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You can also waypoint your car in the mall parking lot.


I'm REALLY bad at remembering where it is!


One suggestion: If you do waypoint at the mall give it a name... don't think you're going to remember the number after you've waypointed a couple of interesting features you saw on the way to the cache. I can see myself tromping back from one cache in our area near my favourite mall only to find myself near a parking space by the Radio Shack!




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