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Free binoculars, just for using your GPSr (Ontario)


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The Land 'O Lakes tourist region in eastern Ontario is running a promotion to get people to discover their part of the country. It's called the Hi Tec Trek. The idea is; you are given a number of GPS co-ordinates, you visit those locations an make note of what you find there. Once you've been to all five spots, visit the tourist office in Kaladar, and the nice lady will give you a pair of Bushnell binoculars.


Visit this webpage for all the details;




I claimed my Bushnells last week and they had plenty still available at the time. The office is open 8:30 - 5 on weekdays, or at least it was in August. If you'd like to call the tourist office to make sure they're open, and they still have binoculars available, their number is 800-840-4445.


Have fun,



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A couple of us completed this back in November. I had phoned the office first before attempting the trek and they assured me that if I emailed them the answers, they would mail me the binoculars.


We had a great weekend and did most of the Kingston caches the next day (and island ones too - including a 10km hike to the end of a spit).


The Land 'O Lakes Tourism Board were very prompt and I received my binoculars as promised. :ph34r: I've since received a letter from them and they want a picture with me and the binoculars...


It's a bit of a drive from Hamilton/Burlington - plus the drive around the area to get the answers (230+ km from Napanee up and around and back to Kingston). All but one are 'drive-by' and the one is an easy hike - 3km? on a flat trail. I don't know that I would attempt some of those back roads during the winter with a light car though and we were there in hunting season so be prepared!


It's a gorgeous area and worth a visit.

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Picked up my bino's today and this might help a few other cache seekers here.


I should have done it this way. Just email the 5 points of interest to info@lol.on.ca and if you are correct they will mail your bino's to you.

They will require you id number on the GPSr anf your mailing address. If you want to call before you send the email the Toll free number is 1-800-840-4445



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Just a note to add to the last post, what about Geocaching.com or at the least getting one of our approvers to drop this lady a line. She has done flips trying to get us our binos.


Also a heads up on a new campaign by the Land O Lakes people in the spring for us geocacher's.


They see the po sitive side of us and we can reap the rewards of friendly caching.


Way to go Land O Lakes :ph34r:

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What a great idea for the Tourism Board. They can help promote their areas, lakes, Rivers, Trails etc. A nice added incentive for the Geocacher as well!!! Lets hope that some other Tourist Boards or Agencies come on board with similar ideas.


Fire Eater :lol:

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