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Reality show

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Don't know if this has been thought of yet.

I was watching The Amazing race last night and got to thinking, wouldn't it be great if there was a Geocaching Reality show?

Teams could race around the world/country/city, just using their GPS and coordinates given at each

cache...first team to make the final destination wins the "big prize". Maybe at each cache they would have to leave an item/take an item, to also 'prove' they were at the cache.

Anyway it's just a basic idea. Let me know your thoughts on the subject, and if anyone knows how we might actually make this a 'reality' let me know.

(I have also posted the question in General)


In the meantime, Happy Caching!

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Yea. I thought of that too a few months back. Don't know how you could get it to work. Seems a bit lame for a competition.



Mobile Cache Command

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