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As keen cache owners who particularly enjoy setting Night caches and now have three published, we are desperately trying to find out who placed an epic night cache which has clearly been archived now but this evening by accident my hubby and I noticed a few good reflectors on some trees while we were doing another series, we were intrigued and so followed them and ended up having walked around 6 miles through all kinds of terrains and we eventually made it back to were we started at 2:30am FIVE hours following this epic trail knowing that there was no log to even sign. We are mad I know! 

But I wish I could find out who set this out and thank them for it as well as high five them for their efforts, its definitely not been active for a long time due to the sheer amount of growth where the markers send you, 

This cache starts in Harling Drive Road in Suffolk * Roughly starts at: N052°27.669 E000°38.290.and takes you right by Grimes Graves Norfolk. If anyone knows who set this, or if anyone here knows where I am talking about and has done it in the past PLEASE can you let me know because this is a trail I enjoyed and maybe someone would be interested in taking it over as we definitely need more Night caches in Suffolk and Norfolk. 

Thank you in advance. 


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