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Should this Virtual Cache be Approved? Dose it meet the requierments for a Virtual Cache?

Scouter John
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The following cache is waiting for approvial, I have been informed that I should make it a real cache but due to the enviorment a real cache would not work

I would like to know based on the discription dose it meet the requierments and do you think it should be approved?




I have been advised that if other geocachers think it sould be approved it will most likely be approved.


Thanks for your support

Scouter John




Paint Pots Virtual Cache


A short walk of historical interest .



A relatively short, level trail takes you to the "Paint Pots", iron-rich cold springs that stain the surrounding soil a reddish-orange color. The First Nations people considered this site sacred and used the red clay in their

rock paintings, as well as to decorate their bodies and teepees. In the early 1900s, white people mined the iron-rich clay to use as a pigment in paint. The ochre color also prompted the naming of the Vermilion River.

The trail: The trail crosses a suspension bridge over the Vermilion River,continues through meadows colored by red and yellow clay beds and finally arrives at the Paint Pots. The Paint Pots were formed when water containing dissolved iron bubbled to the surface where the iron was deposited in a rim around the springs outlet. There are three colored

pools, as well as cone-shaped remnants of previous pools. Please do not walk on the clay beds, as this is a sensitive habitat, and the iron will also stain your boots and clothing.


To log this cache e-mail me with the answers or post a picture of you and your GPSR at the cache site the answers will be found on two signs at the site cords.


Site #1 N 51 10.197' W 116 09.481'

What happened here?

Site #2 H 51 10.223' W 116 09.498'

What makes the water in the two large pools different?

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I understand the environmental impact prevents you from placing a traditional cache right at the site, but is there a possibility of one nearby, maybe along the trail you mentioned? If not, what about a micro? It's often possible to hide a micro right at a trailside where it won't impact the environment, or a small container could be magnetically attached to the back of a sign. (Perhaps one of the signs you intended people to get info from?) If any of these ideas or something similar could work, then a physical cache should be placed.


If none of that is possible, or if the area management won't let you place a physical cache of any size, then I think this would make a good virtual. Sounds like a very interesting place.


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I think it should be approved. It's a virtual and I now feel that thee is nothing wrong with virtualsand they are often more interesting that traditionals.


Recently I went to a 5 stage virtual and in the same park not far away someone had placed a physical. Needless to say, we actually enjoyed the virtual a lot more than the physical.


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