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Does Wherigo still exist?

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The footer of https://wherigofoundation.com/builders/ says:


You are viewing a preview site. This is a live test environment. All information here will be deleted prior to launch. We are not responsible
for lost data due to bugs and testing.

If you have any questions or suggestions for this site, please contact the Wherigo Foundation, care of Ranger Fox.

Wherigo is a registered trademark of Groundspeak Inc. The Wherigo design, platform, and associated intellectual property are also owned
by Groundspeak Inc. They are used herein with Provisional Permission. Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Site Copyright © 2012-2014, Wherigo Foundation. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

To me as a first-time visitor, this means:

  • Nobody has been maintaining the site since 2015.
  • Nobody bothered to distinguish between the test environment and the production environment.
  • When I tried the link to "Ranger Fox", I ended up on https://www.wherigofoundation.com/login/ (note the "www." at the beginning), which greeted me with a friendly error message:
    • Dieser Server konnte nicht beweisen, dass er www.wherigofoundation.com ist. Sein Sicherheitszertifikat stammt von *.azurewebsites.net. Mögliche Gründe sind eine fehlerhafte Konfiguration oder ein Angreifer, der deine Verbindung abfängt.

All this makes up for a very bad first impression. Does someone feel like this should be improved?

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The 2015 copyright was part of the footer I was given by Groundspeak, during talks at about that time.  The preview site part, too.  I could change it.


I haven't been actively developing the site for a while because its development tired me, the maybe/maybe not talks with Groundspeak were running me down, and the years-long deluge of excessive unpaid overtime at work was exhausting me.  But above all, it was the uncertainty of whether I should continue putting my time into something that might not see the light of day.


I could improve the footer's text.  That's easy to do.  What I really should do, though, is recreate the site so it's mobile-first (responsive) and has a far better look and feel.  I could do that, but at the cost of a ton of my personal time.  Is it worth it?  Since I'm not so sure, I'm hesitating.  I could sink a lot of my personal time into the site, improving and extending Kit, and creating a new cartridge management and builder integration service.  Would it be worth it, though?  Reviewers would still be advised not to publish cartridges that mention anything to do with the Wherigo Foundation, Urwigo, Earwigo, etc.  The only official place to host cartridges is Wherigo.com.  Even after spending all that time improving the site and services, that'll still be the only official place.

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