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Map Grid ref to Lat/Long coords

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Has anyone taken a map grid ref from a topo map and used it to enter coords into their gps?


I am trying to do this and having little success...


I understand Canadian topo maps use UTM grid co-ords? is this correct?


Can I just take a grid ref (either 6 or 8 fig) and then input them into one of the UTM to Lat/Log converters online? I have tried and it gives me some "exotic" location, but not the one's I am looking for! On the top map i have it gives the zone as 17 but if I try to convert backwards (from lat/long to UTM) to see what I am doing right, the converters give me a different UTM zone - sometimes 32 or 20 something....



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Originally posted by PDOP's:

Yes. Does my avatar title make sense too?


I was going to delve into the text deeper to see if anything jumped out at me, but I haven't had a chance to. So, no. icon_biggrin.gif


I'll just have to guess that many of the caches near Hinton are hidden under low branches, and this is the technique used to retrieve them.

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Originally posted by PDOP's:

How are you doing with UTM?

I don't use UTM so much anymore, for a couple of reasons. First, I forgot about UTM offset when doing a cache recently, and spent a fair bit of time looking in the wrong spot. (The log is at Mitford on the Bow (it used to be a math cache).)

Second, there haven't been any math caches posted in my area for a bit, so demand has been low. icon_smile.gif

I do have a bunch of formulas programmed in VBA so I can do conversions in Excel, so that's cool. And helpful. The one that I was missing was the calculation of the UTM offset, but I programmed that up after my Mitford adventure. icon_smile.gif

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