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Vancouver Island Cachers

Curious George
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I plugged mine into the dash lighter and was suddenly struck by a bright blue light. I found myself travelling through an intergallactic worm hole at the speed of light. When I stopped I found myself paralized laying on what appeared to be a surgical table. Some bug eye'd humanoids with KFWB enscribed on there uniforms stood above me looking at each other with confusion. They shrugged their shoulders and woosh! I was back in my car apparently unharmed, except for my left ear being the bigger one now. Hey who lifted my 20 bucks. icon_eek.gif

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Hello fellow VIers! I am brand spankin new to Geocaching and would like to know if I can join in any groups/teams in the Victoria area. I'm in Brentwood Bay. Tried to find the cache at Is. View beach, but had no luck. Decided I really do need to buy a GPS! Which leads me to my next question. I'm looking at getting an ETrex Venture. Advice/comments greatly appreciated. Please feel free to e-mail me personally at mounted@islandnet.com

Thanks! Can't wait to start and hide/seek my first cache.

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To fix your problem, Curious, you will need to know the current rating of the diode, which is equal to the amount of current that is drawn by the BFL. Check the fuse size of the circuit...the current draw will be less than this amount. Then you can get the right diode [icon_wink.gif] Orrrr....you could just unplug the BFL before you turn off your truck! heh heh heh


Dagg and Daggette

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Oh yeah, just thought I would drop all of you whose caches I visited a line.. Thanks for making my weekend a blast!! I had a fun time and "liberated" one Travel Bug from that thorny island!! I hope to make it down this summer with the two other parts to my "team" Holly, and Cindy. Thanks again guys and gals, cheers!



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Originally posted by ZoomZoom:

Soooo! How can I hook up a generator in my Knapsack to power this thing for hours? icon_biggrin.gif


Forget the generator, I am using large solar cell strapped to my backpack. The only catch is you have to have a buddy shine his light on you the whole time, but isn't geocaching all about working as a team.


You could always try an extension cord...


GPSr's...A step in the right direction!

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Hello Vancouver Island Cachers,


I was reading several posts and came by your group.


I have friends in Vancouver and Schelt. Just wondering if any of my friends are members of your group.


Gordie, or vic or liam or Jim


This is Clif in Fort Worth, Texas (Wretsub)

thanks for the help



Angel Pockets Embroidey

"Our Stitches are Heavenly!!"


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I find it very curious that a cacher who espouses how wonderful the TEAM is, can:


1) Publicly plug another geocaching website on his profile page;


2) Take advantage of Team KFWB's generosity, while plugging the other site;


3) Show their face in these Forums after pulling a hoax, and impersonating KFWB, while endangering other cachers;


Fake USER Id's


Go find a few more caches, before you shoot your mouth off. While you're at it, we're still waiting for that apology.


54199_2500.gif How much intelligence does it take to sneak up on a piece of tupperware?

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