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Just wondering...


In terms of Canada, how many of you cachers can recieve the WAAS sig on our Dominion's soil? I seem to always get a sig whenever I am near the US border. Like Windsor where I can get an accuracy of 3m.


I seem to never get the WAAS bird anywhere in the Toronto area, so my accuracy is about 5-7m at best most of the time.


Maybe others can post where they recieve the WAAS sig. (in Canada that is....)



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If you are down near the lake you will get the Atlantic bird. There are (AFAIK) two birds, one over the atlantic, one over the pacific, in Geosync orbit so that means they are low down from our point of view, so it doesn't take much to obscure the view.


I've gotten WAAS around an hour North of Toronto but at a slightly higher altitude with little or no southerly obstruction.



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same with me.... it seems that the WAAS signal comes in only when there is a completely unobstructed view of the southern sky....


it is never a sure thing it seems...


i often just turn off the waas capability on my receiver for "normal" navigating around town to conserve battery power...


thanks for the response though...



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Originally posted by shabbasuraj:

aren't WAAS birds numbered only 33 and higher?


At present there are two geo-stationary satellites serving the WAAS area (Inmarsat IIIs: POR (Pacific Ocean Region) and AOR-W (Atlantic Ocean Region-West).


Garmin units allow for 19 WAAS unique GEO satellites as specified by the FAA TSO C-146.  They are depicted on the GPS as Satellite IDs 33-51 which is actually a NMEA convention.  Each WAAS satellite has its own unique PRN code assigned from the list of 19. 


Garmin receivers use one or two channels to track WAAS satellites and they will use the WAAS satellite in the position solution, if the WAAS system indicates it is OK to use for navigation (sometimes the WAAS satellite is flagged as "do not use for navigation" but the corrections are still useful).


Inmarsat POR = PRN 134 = Garmin Satellite ID 47

Inmarsat AOR-W = PRN 122 = Garmin Satellite ID 35

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