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Re-Upload of Drafts


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Hi All,


It seems like there was recently another change on the website regarding the drafts. In the past, I could delete the drafts and re-upload them. This was especially useful, if you forgot one cache and wanted to correct the order. Nowadays, you get a warning and afterwards an upload is not possible anymore.

Neither over an app or a text file. 


I don't get why this was introduced.

Why would you fill your DB server with the information of formerly uploaded drafts and make the life for the cacher harder and more inconvenient?


I cannot imagine one single event in which this function would be useful and I say it as an IT guy. The fact, that I am caching nearly 10 years and have never written here anything maybe shows also that I am chill with changes etc. - but this change is just not to explain for me.


So, my question would be if someone can explain to me, why this is done like that and if there is a way to work around it.

Because now I have 50+ caches in textfile and cannot upload them anymore.


Thank you all.


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Yes, agree completely. This is an aggravating 'feature'. I have mistakenly had text which prevents successful import and cannot upload the corrected text even though i never submitted them as logs. What is the reason for not allowing re-drafting of drafts? Especially since they are just drafts!!

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