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Sun Burn

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I'd like to take this opportunity to announce the seasons FIRST official sunburn!!!


I was out in the 29 degree weather caching on Toronto Island and when I returned I felt somewhat cooked. To my surpise I had a sunburn!!! icon_smile.gif





Mobile Cache Command


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I hear you Rob! Wasn't the weather today great!?

I actually picked up some colour on my left arm from it hanging out of the mailtruck window all day. Yippee! Summer's coming! icon_smile.gif






"Whad'ya mean you didn't save the location of the truck?..EEEK!!!..."

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I live on Vancouver Island, we got about 3 inches of rain today. We also got 2 inches of snow - all in about 4 hours. You Ontario people make me sick!


(But only slightly, I used to live in Ottawa)


I want to die like my grandfather did, peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.

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29 plus humidex yeeerk it's nice when your sitting in a air conditioned room. 20 or 24 is what I like. Amazing the weather extreme's we get in this country around 30cm of snow in Edmonton and 29c degrees here in Ottawa lol Take a pick

It's official I have now retired my longjohn's




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Originally posted by TJWilson1:

Here in the Land of Newfie over the last few days it's been overcast and between -3°c and 3°c. Now, Wed, April 17, it's snowing! icon_mad.gif



At least it's consistant on the coasts. Here, one day you're planting the garden, the next you're shovelling snow.



You can't have everything,where would you put it?


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