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Know what "Tick's" me off...


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Get her one of those new fangle military decontamination suits???? icon_rolleyes.gif


Seriously though, not sure what you can do to make sure she dosn't get them short of not taking her. (Yeah right, like that'll work, I see chewed furniture in your future) icon_biggrin.gif


Hey I just had a brain wave, (more likely a cramp but here goes) feed her some of that chili you gave us New years, I'm sure the ticks will stay off of her then. OF course the down side is the gas she'll probably produce..... icon_eek.gif


Lots of help, huh??? icon_biggrin.gif


We live on a rock, ergo we rockcrawl.......

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Read the two page in the (Victoria, B.C) Times Colonist newspaper dated Feb.23, 2003 re 'TICKS' biting HUMANS. VERY SCARY STUFF! You may contact the B.C. Centre for Disease control at www.bccdc.org or a Dr. Murakami (in B.C. who specializes in Lyme disease). Also tick removal instructions at www.welcome.to/ekm OR Island Group at www.lymeinbc.com (We always check ourselves for ticks after tromping around in the woods!)

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I have used the straw and thread method quite succesfully in the past. Just be aware that in can take up to 3-5 minutes for the tick to release. Just keep pulling with steady pressure (until the skin is also pulled up) and the tick will eventually lose its grip. Most times the tick will release in about 20-30 seconds. Depending on how long the tick is in place, you may have a significant red area form where the tick was embedded, just be sure that it does not get larger over the following couple days.


I want to die like my grandfather did, peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.

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Hi there I own a boxer and have her on a product called Sentinel. Its given orally once a month and protects against fleas heart worm and i cant say for sure ticks, but we have never encountered any on her and she spends alot of time with me outdoors geocaching and camping. Call your vet and inquire. A years supply costs about $80 - $100 depending on the weight of your dog. Remember the name is SENTINEL. Hope it works for you.

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"Frontline Plus" handles ticks in addition to the fleas that plain "Frontline" protects against.


You empty the liquid between the dog's shoulder blades and after it spreads, the dog is protected for a month. Even with baths.

When the tick bites the dog, it dies.



...If life was fair, a banana split would cure cancer.

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I live in the Toronto area and despite years of whacking through bushes on bike and foot, I've yet to get a tick bite. Are they not common around here? Do they favour forests over fields? Anyone get a tick bite along the Bruce Trail?


That said, my wife's friend was camping in Algonquin a few years ago and was bitten by a tick (behind her ear). Didn't realize it 'til she was back in the city. She had some paralysis and after ruling out MS and after much time was wasted, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Although treatment is going well, it's been three years since she was bitten.


Cheers! Coupar-Angus

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I just pulled a tick icon_mad.gif off of Zoe dog using the old straw and thread method found here http://www.welcome.to/ekm (thanx KFWB)...The tick just popped right off head and allicon_razz.gif ...We took it to the vet and sure enough it was a deer tick...Zoe had been vaccinated for lyme disease last fall and she will get a booster soon...

There is a pill now available in Canada that will kill ticks after they bite so they cant feed any one know what the pill is called?


*We are teaching our Zoe dog to sniff out Tupperware...*

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I managed to pick up a tick on Mt Doug a couple of weeks ago (INSIGNIFICANT BY COMPARISON

by TEAM KFWB GPS). The thread method of removal was also suggested by the BC Heatlth guide, but I was unable to do it myself. I resorted to method 2 using tweasers also from the guide. Next time I'll go back to the thread using a straw.

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