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Travel Bugs in New Brunswick


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My three bugs I released have all left the province. One is in Maine, on the way to Florida, one is in Winnipeg, going to Saskatchewan, and one is in Ottawa, going to Australia. I don't have any plans in the immediate future to buy some more. If I do, I'll put them in caches as trade items for someone else to activate and call their own.


Travel bugs do seem to increase the traffic at a cache (this is not always the case - Mr Happy sat in a cache for 5 weeks before he was retrieved)


With the island cache needing a boat for access, I don't think it's going to see a large volume of visitors. The TB will move, though. There is some nice stuff in the cache for trading.

I wonder if I can borrow a boat from someone and make the long trip down to Sackville (again - I was just there today, as you know icon_wink.gif)



Contents under pressure, do not puncture.

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