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[work around] Website almost useless, being impossible to scroll up and down on geocache.com pages


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Any Idea what happend with pages, showing cache details? E.g. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC2E6YB_sable-island


I'm using the current version of FireFox under Windows 8.1. and observe a severe bug, I never saw bevore. After fully having loaded any page below https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/ the scrollbar on the right side of the screan dissapears and the page suddenly freezes in the scroll-positon it currently is. Not being able to navigate on the page anymore, makes it impossible to work with the website! Having scrolled down, while page was loading, I'm not even able to reach the navigation menue anymore.

Switching the website-style to "none" immediately brings back the scroll-bar and allows scrolling up and down, but missing CSS-frames, the page is still not handable. It seems that one of the embedded java-scripts ist switching off the scroll bar intentionally.

Using Opera on my mobile, I do not observe this effect. Unfortunately this is no practible alternative, working on such a small screen.


Did anyone else observe this annoying behavoiur, especially with FireFox?


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Thanks for your response!


I forgot to mention, that my FireFox Version currently is 99.0.1.

This strange behaviour occures only on geocaching.com, but other as assumed before, it occures on most of the geocaching.com pages (profile, logbook, trackables, help, ...). Thus, geocaching.com currently is almost inoperative for me :(

This behaviour does not show up at the subdomain forums.geocaching.com, nor on any other site in the internet I have checked. It seems to be limited and related to geocaching.com

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Hi habsihab,

thats interesting, thank you for pointing me onto Ghostery.


I tried the following:

a) Started FireFox and loaded geocaching.com, scrollbar was not available

b) I generally deactivated ghostery, reloaded (F5) the current page of geocaching.com and the scrollbar suddenly was available

c) I generally activated ghostery again, reloaded (F5) the current page of geocaching.com again and the scrollbar was still available!

d) I closed the current session of FireFox, restarted Firefox and found myself back at stage a)


The strange behaviour somehow seems to be related with the current version of Ghostery and/or FireFio in Combination with FireFox.

Step b-c) works well as as a work around for a while, until a better solution can be found

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