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Van Isle Geo Event?


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Spooky...went to sleep last night thinking about...then got an email this am...from another cacher wanting to do an event on Newcastle Island in Nanaimo Harbour...then went to the message board to find this message...Great minds or fools???


Check out the Newcastle Island Marine Park Website! Has group campsite, cooking shelters, and lots of caching area opportunity. It is also the home of (inserting shameless plug...)Pi Rats Kache


Course ye land lubbers would 'ave to take th' fairy... icon_wink.gif, but those of ye that need finer dinin' than a cookout can always swim o'er t' th' Dinky Dock Pub and Rest'rant on nearby P.I. (inserting shameless plug...) home of The Captain's Cache or use the Pavillion Canteen type of food. Course if'n yer that desp'rate...th' ol' Cap'n could "hencourage" the Wench inta cookin' fer ye's, too!


With a site like this, ye could decide weth'r t' just come fer the bbq or stay fer th' night, or stay in a hotel or B and B on th' bigger Island (lots near th' Newcastle Ferry) or stay in a B and B on Protection Island (2 available), what'er werks for ye...


Just our (Mid-Hisland 2 doubloons worth)


Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

B) Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats


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OK, How 'bout August 31st (The Saturday of Labour Day Weekend)

A group campsite is still available...The cost for the site is $50 for up to 50 people, $100 for 51-100. There is a shared cooking shelter, and a BBQ in the area, plus picnic tables.

You can check out the website for the park from a link on my previous post.

We'll first need a count of people who are willing to go for it...if they want to stay overnight or just come for the dinner / breakfast.

So we should get as many people to post here, with a head count for their party, then we can work out the details, who's gonna do what.


Also give suggestions for how people want to handle the food, potluck??


We could probably organize a breakfast for a couple of bucks a head, we live so close by that it wouldn't be a trouble if we knew how many to cook for...


The ferry is $5 for Adults, $4 for seniors/Kids 4-12, Under 3 are free.


I can probably arrange to get a bunch over, 5 at a time in my own boat, if any other cachers have boats that'd work well, too. It's only a 5 minute round trip, so I could get 50 over in less than an hour.


In order to keep the group site available for us, we'd need a firm count by the end of July, so email all the cachers you know and tell them to get here and sign on...


Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

B) Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

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The guy at the park said Sunday was available, too. Just need to make a decision right away...so we can confirm it with him.


There is an event cache posted...don't know if you can visit/log before it's approved, but hey, give it a try...


event cache is here...


Th' Cap'n


Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

B) Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

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Well, Admin won't let us post a cache to spread the word until the date, time and location are final...The response was to use discussion board for that...Seems to me that most cachers don't check the discussion board regularly and by posting a cache everyone would see a new cache, read it and respond either on the board or with a log on the cache site...So that leaves it up to those of us reading here.

So, given that a reservation is required before we can post and they want the details worked out before we can post we'll have to be less democratic about it and hope people come. I thought about posting a poll, but time is of the essence, and with such a short time frame...

If you know any email addresses of geocachers, send them emails and get them to come to the board and voice opinions, and volunteer to help.

bcrockcrawler has already emailed me saying they want to help, It's a fair guess that Dagg can help, since he started the board. First decision is how many confirmed attendees do we need to go ahead, my vote would be a modest 25, including youth. Do you think that's enough? 25 confirmed will probably mean 15 reality...and thats just a few bucks a head for a campout, but not really enough to try anything other than meals, campfire and stuff, so more of a meal than an event...


Between my flock and bcrockcrawler's, we've got 7, Dagg are you guys 2?


Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

B) Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

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Originally posted by Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats:

Well, Admin won't let us post a cache to spread the word until the date, time and location are final


Pick a date and location. Submit the cache for approval. Then just change the date and location as required after the fact. This is very common from the numerous cache events pages I have read.


Also, you may get a lot of mainland cachers wanting to attend if it did not involve yet another ferry adventure. We would certainly like to go if it was somewhere other than Newcastle as we would tie it in with a few days of camping.


Any chance of a more easily accessible provincial park? I'd be happy to throw in some geocoins as cache prices if we could get there easily.



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Originally posted by Dagg:

Keep in mind, its customary when driving on the island to use your signal when changing lanes


What's a "turn signal"? Is that when I point up with my middle finger at the #$$hole that just cut me off?


Newcastle is beautiful. What I meant was we would already be camping (i.e. with tent trailer in tow). So somewhere where that could be set up would be a lot easier for most of us coming from the big smoke.


I hear you can almost fire cannon in Rathtrevor these days without hitting a sole, except for the odd fungus tree.

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Wow, that was quick...

the cache is now active



the cache page for the event


Hopefully that will snag anyone else in the area, and out of the area.


As soon as we hit 25 I'll call and confirm the site, unless popular opinion requires a change of locale.


I started the cache with a new username

Van-Isle Cachers, will share the password with everyone who wants to be involved in the "organizational" side.


Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

B) Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

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I have heard from a few people so far, that would be interested a day thing. We are defiantly in for camping Heck half the time we go camping, we end up meeting new folk! But for those of you into coming for the day, maybe we/you can work out a car pool? Again, if these dates are not working for you…suggest anther…But soon




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Here on the Island, we signal using that left side Gearshift thingy. If ya wanna go right, push it down, left, ya push it up. If after 25 km on Hwy 19, it's stlll on, just keep them guessin'.


I like the date, can probably switch a shift to be there. May or may not camp, but definitely count me in. icon_wink.gif

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First, is Sept 1st a long weekend? (if not why not Sat night?)(if it is, than forget I asked)


Second, There is presently a fire ban on the island, will this effect the ability to cook?(walk on ferry restricts alot of camping equipment)


Third, (I'm not trying to be a downer, I REALLY want something like this to happen) but i have been to newcastle island, and am thinking that getting people out into what Vancouver Island really has to offer might be better? I know its handy for you, but a few people have suggested bringing a trailer to camp in, I use a tent, but after you include thermarests, pillows, sleeeping bag, tarps, cook-stove, food, cooler etc.... its gets to be a quite a haul for a walk on ferry. I'm willing to go anywhere (on VI) for a geocaching weekend, and I would happily spend 3 or 4 days camping and exploring, but it would be very nice to use a car so that I may bring some camping equipment and sleep in reasonable comfort. Once again I stress... I AM NOT TRYING TO BE NEGATIVE, I am only trying to discuss what might be best for the geocaching community as a whole, we want as many people as possible to attend. What about Buttle lake in Strathcona Park? Rock-climbing at Crest Creek, Hiking to Myra Falls, canoeing, swimming, suntanning, and if we put two groups on each site, it wont cost much. This is the type of place I think would bring people together for a whole weekend. If not for the weekend you have planned, then I think we should set it up for next year.


Suggestions, Comments, Please let me know.

geocaching@telus.net icon_cool.gif


I want to die like my grandfather did, peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.

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I agree with SkyDiverBC. We would be there in a flash, if it was somewhere we could easily get to with out tent trailer. Coming from Vancouver, on a long weekend, we would come 2 days earlier, just be sure we could get on the ferry, then spend 4 or 5 days caching and exploring.


Really, how bad is the fungus at Rathtrevor? Looks like a good central spot, with lots of caches near by and may have vacancies.

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The fungus at Rathetrevor is no big deal. Chances are you've been exposed to it before anyway. It's all over the place in B.C., they just happen to have found it on some trees at Rathetrevor. If you're healthy exposure will rarely lead to illness. I've been going to Rathtrevor just about every day this month to swim, and I often walk through the trails to get there. It looks to be fairly quiet.


I think Rathtrevor would be a good place to meet if the logistical problems of Newcastle Isl. are too much, but I would prefer Newcastle. You can park (free) very near the passenger ferry dock, so if a bunch of us meet at the dock I'm sure we can carry over anything needed quickly. If anyone needs a tent, I can bring an extra 2-3 person one.


For walk-ons coming from the Mainland, I'd be happy to pick people up from Duke Pt. or Departure Bay ferry terminals, by the way.


I must say, though, that I like SkydiverBC's idea of going to a place with more stuff to do as well. Newcastle Isl. is a good place to hang out, but other than some short walks and a bit of canoeing/kayaking, there's not that much to do there.

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I propose we have the event at Newcastle Island as was the original plan. I dont believe i will camp over (still to early to be certain) but will try to make a day trip out of it to meet a few people. Lets plan the next get together much earlier and perhaps somewhere where people can spend a few days in the wilderness.


I want to die like my grandfather did, peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.

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Given the few responses that are not in favour of the Newcastle Experience, we have decided to post a poll.

It is at this page.


We are now leaning towards scrapping the group campout, and just doing an afternoon/evening event and letting people choose their own camping / breakfast arrangements.


Please post a response to the poll ASAP, we must make the final decision by Wednesday.

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Well we agree with Skydiverbc a couple post back about location. We to have a tent trailer and many assorted items that we camp with. But after some discusion we have decided that we would only attend the potluck/picnic and will not be camping. We really like the sounds of Rathtrevor, we can not attend on Newcastle. The date of September 1st is fine with us. Bunny finishes work at 4 pm and we would be along shortly after. We would be two adults, two children, one wheelchair and (maybe) two dogs.

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I like the idea of Rathtrevor. Easy to get to from both ends of the Island, close to caches if some folks want to do that, and nice beaches. I really can't see getting a fungal infection, because that's just media hype. I'm sure most of us who spend time in the woods as much as we do have been exposed many times already. Unfortunately for some, I'm still here. Rock on... icon_wink.gif

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Well, after trying to find an available, suitable alternative location, we had decided this evening to throw in the towel, and cancel...then along comes eroyd's post...and after another conference call we says...what the heck, we've still got the reservation, it'll cost less than camping anywhere else, rather than cancel, we'll just do it anyway.

So Newcastle it is...September 1st, Start time to be negotiated once we know how many will show, but figure early afternoon.

We're planning some events so we REALLY NEED TO KNOW HOW MANY!!!!

We are planning a potluck dinner where everyone brings their own main course, plus a salad, appy or desert to share.

Once the page is active again, it'll come up here...THE PAGE LINK

If you could post a note on the webpage saying...


How Many


If You'll stay over


What you'll bring to share for the potluck


...that'd really help us, and it'll give others an idea of how many others they'll see, what's still needed for the potluck, etc. Just one thing...Captain No Beard Says "If anyone else trys to bring rice crispy squares, I'll keel haul 'em" Quote...Really, he made me say it!


I'll post another copy of this message on the other board, so you may get it twice, and heck if you show up twice, that's twice as good!


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Here are some links...


BC Government Website on Park


Park's own website




PDF of Map of the Park


The group sites are the furthest south, a few hundred meters, they have 4 wheeled carts available for gear.


I'm working on not having to use the ferrys, more to come on that as we get closer to the date, it also opens up the departure time to as late as ye like.


Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

B) Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

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