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The following 18 caches in British Columbia have never been FOUND, and are still activated:




Good Hope Lake Cache


Cobra Cache


Whistler Mountain Dash For Cache


Silver Beach


Lizard Ridge


Rednecks & Wildflowers


pedly cache


Fisher Peak Cache


Mt Stevens Trail Stash


Broken Lookin For Cache


Stump with a View


Nourse Creek Cache


Conair @ Stoyoma Mtn.


Lizard Back


"Owen Hat Cache"


Brian's Bluff


Bowen Island Cache


This list only contains caches placed prior to January 1, 2003.


It would be nice to see these all visited soon. We don't want these to turn into geo-litter.


Here's my challenge: I have a Garmin Vista with a case and a car cigarette adaptor that I *won* in a TEAM KFWB GPS cache hunt. It's up for grabs.


The first person or team to provide pictures of themselves, the caches, and their GPS at ALL locations by July 31, 2003 gets the Garmin. A team may be comprised of up to FIVE individuals.


You must log each cache referenced above, complete with a picture of the cache container, yourself, and your GPS, along with a page bearing the words 'canadazuuk challenge'. If you happen to have hid one or more of the caches referenced, that's okay, just have someone else on your team visit it and provide the appropriate photos. A minimum of two photos per cache are required.


Also note: A few of these caches have been attempted, but not found. If that turns out to be the case, provide a picture of the likely hiding location along with yourself, your GPS, and the 'canadazuuk challenge' sign. In addition, log it as 'Cache should be archived'.


I will be placing a regular geocache called THE GODS OF GPS COUNTRY to coincide with this *contest*, and get the word out about these unfound caches.


With about 1000 caches in British Columbia, and no one here over 400 yet, there is a lot of caching still to be done.


All the best,




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hell the gas $$$ alone would buy 4 or 5 gps's but dadgum thats a cool challenge. I'm up for 2 or 3 of them one I have been watching for years but my boats have never been capable of the trip. Not sure I have the time off for the one on the bc/yukon border but I do have a friend in yellowknife could be a team mate ;o)


Pat Patterson

Garmin 12XL

82CJ7 & 79F250

Herd of Turtles 4x4 club

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Darn! Guess I should of made the extra effort and done that Nourse Crk. cache last fall. It would of been a piece of cake compared to some I've done since. Hmmm! "Rednecks and Wildflowers" has always been a Bee in my bonnet. (and I do wear a bonnet sometimes)

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Damm, I missed that zuuk had just bumped this old posting up and wasted a few minutes shaking my head over the list provided.


Ran a query and this is what I got for unfound BC caches:

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