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Etrex Legend Mystery


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On the Navigation page of my Legend, at the top right of the compass are the numbers "5.00 km". I assume this is a guide for how far off course you become from your established track. My question is.... Is it possible to change this to a lower number?


Also.... Here is a repeating problem and I don't know why its happening, it's hard to explain but I will try. When I leave Campbell River and drive to Mt. Washington on Vancouver Island I have selected "GOTO" a waypoint on the mountain. I get an accurate arrow pointing on the navigation page with a course pointer arrow. Now, in order to get to the mountain, I must drive 20 km to the left side of the mountain as well as 4 km past it before turning right onto the Mountain road and heading straight for the summit. (for simplicity, imagine my route as the two short sides of a tiangle and the original track the long side of the triangle) As I continue my drive up toward the summit, the course pointer continues to point in the direction of the original track, way off to the left of my destination. The basic pointer does point at my target correctly. Why does this difference occur?


I want to die like my grandfather did, peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.

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I'm not sure about the first part of your problem, but the second is one I had with my 12XL. When you select GoTo it will indicate the route there from that particular location only. If you hit GoTo again further into your travels you will get a more accurate heading at that time and place.

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