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Bug or Feature : Own Labcaches count as found (+5) ???

Maya's Team

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8 hours ago, Maya's Team said:

Tested out and it seems that own labcaches are counted as found in the statistic. Why ? For us it's a bug ??? No ??


When testing your own AL, you should use Test mode:




Clicking on test mode will create a special QR code (allow a few seconds for it to appear) which you then scan into your phone to run the test, and in that mode they don't count as completed stages. Just remember to delete the test from both the builder and the app afterwards (details are in the Builder documentation).

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I noticed that your Owned AL are shown on the app as Unfound, instead of being hidden or a different mark of Owned. This is an annoyance that I was only able to cure by 'finding' my own AL. There must be a better way.

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