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Christmas Mischief

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With Christmas coming and all I would like to get two things out there; one is good and other is bad.




I HATE IT WHEN THE OLD LADY LETS ME BUY STUFF FOR MYSELF BEFORE CHRISTMAS BUT THEN WONT LET ME USE ANY OF IT UNTIL AFTER DECEMBER 25!!! It’s like I’m afraid to buy myself a bag of chips without my one and only coming at me at the speed of sound, snatching said delectables out of my badly salt craving hands and scooting it away for “Christmas”. On one hand, OK, I don’t need that new compass right now, but Geez! Everything can’t be for Christmas woman! It’s like she gets out of shopping for me by letting me do all the work and then snatching it away just before I get to use it.


And Two.


Little Girl and I came up with the perfect camouflage for Christmas shopping for her this weekend, We told her that we were going Geocaching…and she bought it! The Silly Girl! Little does she suspect our true motives! Buwwwaaaaaaa hahahahahah!!!! This way we can be out of the house for a couple of hours without having her pawing me for any receipts or other goodies with I might have in my pockets when I get back. Everything stays in Dora until I can get it to work. I don’t know what it’s like around your house but it takes a strong man to get between my wife and her Christmas gifts. Never mind the Spanish inquisition re-enactment I suffer through for the last weeks before the big day. (No one ever expects the Spanish inquisition!!! Our main weapon is Surprise and fear, our two, TWO! Main weapons are….)


This way, I can play it Cooooooool. “Yea baby, I know it’s coming, I’ll get out there some day, don’t worry baby…” Then follow up this statement with a Finger-Gun motion and make some click-click sounds while winking...


She'll say something like “Oh DirtRunner Baby! You treat me so bad....”


And I'll say something like “That's right baby! That's just the way you like it.” And then I'll make the Finger-GunSoundWink motion again for additional crushing effect.


Oh Yea, Daddy done good this year...



Your not first...But you could be next.


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I completely understand, but I cannot use the going geocaching excuse, she has to go with me and I cannot go without her or she gets mad. Altho, she does not know her birthday present is in the trunk of the car, of which she just drove to work.




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Buy the compass now, use it and on Christmas eve put it back into it's box, wrap it, place it under the tree and then blame it on Santa. icon_wink.gif

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For every hour I spend surfing the geocaching web site I will spend two hours outdoors finding caches.


For every hour spent outdoors I will limit the logging of finds to ten minutes.


For every hour spent browsing forums and making posts on them, I willspend four hours outdoors.

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